Aircraft Management

As an aircraft owner, you have at your disposal a team of highly experienced professionals backed by a strong aviation infrastructure who will constantly ensure that your flight preferences are always adhered to and your aircraft is utilized in the most efficient way.

Aircraft Acquisition

GainJet Ireland offers professional advice in aircraft acquisition through lease, financing, or outright purchase. We offer all the necessary services in dealing with the complexity of aircraft acquisitions. We use our experience to make the acquisition as smooth and pleasant for you.

CAMO Services

Gainjet Ireland is an approved provider of CAMO Services for the EU, Guernsey (2-Reg), Cayman Islands (VP-C Reg) and Bermuda (VP-B & VQ-B Reg) Registered aircraft.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

GainJet Ireland Ltd. received “Specific” Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operational approval from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) in November 2021.

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